HSBC Financials: Product Risk Evaluation Platform

HSBC Holdings plc is a British multinational investment bank and financial services holding company. It was the 6th largest bank in the world by 2020, and the largest in Europe, with total assets of US$2.715 trillion (as of August 2020).

Product Vision:

Providing easy solutions (from Ground Zero) for bank advisors to create complex mathematical models and roll out for their subsequent countries (20+ countries) for Risk assessment of Bonds, Funds and Investment linked products.

Key Tasks:

1. Create an Admin view:
a. To setup dashboard for their respective countries.
b. To create and manage multiple mathematical models for their respective products.
c. To create one or more calculation and attach to model.
d. Create user profiles and escalation hierarchy.
2. Setup up communication with third party applications like Thompson Reuters, Morning star to fetch data for product risk assessment.
3. Bank Advisor:
a. Upload utility to upload investment product data and validation
b. Auto provide product risk rating.
c. Task management workflow from rating calculation to business head approvals.

High Level Solution:

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Project Numbers


Duration spent in project (in Months)


Impacted Personas: HSBC Investment advisors for 20+ countries


Number of teams for creation and management of product roadmap and backlog