DANSKE Bank: Digital Signing

Danske Bank A/S is a Danish bank. It was founded 5 October 1871. It is the largest bank in Denmark and a major retail bank in the northern European region with over 5 million retail customers.Danske Bank was number 454 on the Fortune Global 500 list for 2011.

Product Vision:

With technological advancements, key always have been to catch up with the pace of world. Digital signing was started to gain some advantage in the digital documentation world. Primary vision was to reduce the physical printing to the minimum.

Key Tasks:

1. Identify all the loan documents to be digitalized.
2. Update the documents for digital channels.
3. Identify the documents in need to signing along with signing rules. Signing rules is a complex area considering since corporate loans are signed in varied fashion in different Organizations.
4. Create digital packages to add digital documents.
5. Share digital documents with customer and platform to access digital documents for signing.
6. Creating, registering and updating of digital signatures with authorized agency.

High Level Solution:

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Impacted Personas: Danske Bank Corporate loan customers


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