Workout from Home?

2:58 P.M, Sunday of 2021 summer – Too hot outside, I don’t think I will be working out today. This has been a recurring thought from last summer to winters to this summer. Results are visible both on weighing scale and my mirror. In fact, my mirror has been super vocal about it from quite some time. Well, getting off the mirror (let it chatter!!), a constant thought about Peloton bike has occupied my mind. I like how they have derived their name from biking however it is not very aligned with what they are doing at moment. While there are very interesting stats about their finances, employees and customers – I will keep them for next blog.

As much I am relieved that my mirror cannot do any harm even though it doesn’t like me at moment. My clothes on the other hand, has all the potential to deliver unforgettable harm (and I have been nothing but inviting that). Before I get there I want to see if Peloton is my kind of workout. “You cannot do that as Peloton is not in India” – If this is the smart answer in your head, I know . Well we have has been recently bought by I think pretty soon will be amazon of fitness industry. Anyways before I get onto another chain of thought here are my top Pros and cons for Peloton: PROS:

Single membership for multiple people

Unless you are Ms/Mr. “We were very poor and we only had two cars”, this is no brainer. You can buy a membership and create accounts for each of you. Each of your account is separately maintained with your workout stats and your vitals information. This is super money saver.

Points earned for me: 1

Those bad weather days

I have strong urge to use this non sensical one liner people used a lot a decade back – “I cry in rains so no one can see I am crying”. Really? We need to make sure all bad news shall be delivered to you during rains. Getting back to business – Peloton bikes/ Peloton treads can be your companion on such bad weather days. However, my argument still is which day is a good day to work out? – hot/ cold or rainy? With support of this logic, I have not worked out for more than an year. Hmm, Ok! Let’s say you have an intent to workout and don’t feel like going out and then there are bad pandemic days. Fair enough, this is a pretty good options for such days.

Points earned for me: 0

No peer pressure

2007, when my brother and I went to gym for first time weighing 47 and 48 kgs respectively (both 18+ years of age). Initial first week has been so embarrassing that we used to go to a corner and do something (and call it workout) until it was time to go back home. Not that we grew lot of muscles in a week, we realised we are here because we want to grow muscles and gain weight. While we took just a week, lot of us do not see the bigger picture and stay cocooned until we lose the motivation to go into gym crowd. This is good options for those. It probably doesn’t apply to me, however is big plus for lot of people. Points earned for me: 0

Sweaty machine and people

Eww of course. No one will sweat good in gym even if they are wearing a Versace deodorant. Then there are people who flex their muscles a lot after workout and God forbid you are besides them. And those cool guys who would just do that bench press and move. Sweat puddles still there and you wait for it to dry (and it sucks out all the motivation to workout). Peloton equipment’s provides a personal space and you don’t have to worry about sweat anymore (of others!!). Points earned for me: 1

Immersive class experience

Peloton is more of a community (Platoon is what Peloton actually means). You work out with thousands of people and rank against them on leadership board. This is a good motivation for someone fairly competitive. Even if you rank last in one of the initial few classes, any improvement is a success.

Points earned for me: 1


Bikes and treads are single form of exercise. Strong legs are difficult (ask any gym goer, no one likes leg days – well almost no one). But, both cycling and treadmill focuses on strong legs. I have a strong feeling it is meant only for someone who either likes to ride or run. If you are someone who likes to ride or run, I think it is a well-crafted machine for you. I don’t think I am one who can follow this routine everyday (I like to mix different form with focus on different body parts)

Points earned for me: 0

TOTAL PRO Points earned for me: 3


Cost of machines and equipment’s

With simple tread bike costs $1895 (Starting price), it is already very costly. In addition you need to pay $31/ month towards subscription. You need to pay through your nose for a single form of exercise. Their treads starts from $2495 and $31/month for membership. This is super costly. No wonder they have 21% customers who earns more than $200k a year while only 2.5% of Us/ population has that kind of earning.

While there are gyms with memberships as low as $10 and you have entire gym to yourself. At this moment peloton bike looks like a fancy to me. And if you are not regular enough this is very costly cloth hanger.

Points earned for me: 1

You are not a bike/ run person

Have you seen those people who do not run/ bike until they have fitbit/ Apple watch, Tracks for run, special shoe for running? And they buy everything and then run for 3 days and never again. If you are one of those – then this is not an option for you. I particularly do not enjoy long runs or biking – I always found it boring. I would prefer to have a variety in my workout routine. A mix of 3 days weights + 2 days yoga or vice versa. 2 days gym + 2 days running +2 days yoga would be nice. But running, running and running – Not at all.

If this is the case with you – Peloton is nothing but very costly cloth hanger (with screen !)

Points earned for me: 1


Living in a city? Small house? Space crunch at home? And these are no sofa cum beds. Peloton bikes and treads are going to take some space. Where ever you keep them, they are no decoration items. Unless you are working out very often, they will always looks out of place in that room. Also, be mindful of the fact that room will stink of sweat for sometime – so choose that room wisely.

Another major issue is the weight of the machines. It is heavy and big enough to take 2-3 people to move (depending how strong you are). So, you cannot try a new spot every day to find that sweet spot for your machine.

For someone like me, I don’t think I will spare any extra space unless I have a dedicated gym space/area.

Points earned for me: 1

You don’t step out of home

For some people, Gyms are also a place to socialise. There are showoffs, there are so called guides, then there are people talking about parties during gym hours. Well whatever it is, for people who see gyms as potential place for socialising, Peloton is not for them.

I generally focus on workouts, so this point doesn’t bother me much.

Points earned for me: 0


In my entire experience of working out, I feel posture is most ignored thing in this space however the most important. A right posture is not only effective in targeting the right muscle but also of utmost importance in saving you form injuries. And wrong posture might be causing those micro injuries which you realise after months of workout.

In any online workout- that’s my THE major area of concern.

Points earned for me: 1

Screen time

With pandemic and work from home – did you ever try to check how much is your screen time? In my circle average is more than 10 hours. If you go peloton way, then you are committing to an extra hour or a little less than that of screen time. I will like to avoid anything which adds to this area.

Points earned for me: 1

Total Cons points earned: 5

For someone like me Cons weigh higher than Pros. If you are someone of similar mindset, revisit your decision to buy a peloton bike/ tread. To be honest peloton has impressive benefit and I am completely sold on their business strategy. However, this form of workout is not the right fit for me.

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